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Creative USB Interface Bracket

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Mobile phone holder one to one
Mobile phone holder one for two
Unlimited spelling design

  • The mobile phone charging stand will be installed together with the 86-type socket. The mobile phone is placed in the bracket, which is convenient and safe. It no longer has to worry about the trouble of nowhere when the mobile phone is charged. The bracket is made of PC flame retardant material to protect the family. Safety.
  • Use it for the following places to provide charging for your phone.
  • Safety flame-retardant panel, single-sided self-locking, child anti-error design - using PC flame retardant material, two or three with safety protection door, effectively preventing unipolar insertion
  • Never worry about not finding the charging head, bring your data cable, provide charging function for your mobile phone, bedside, sofa, etc.
  • The total output of 2100mA can meet the charging requirements of a variety of mobile phones, and the single-port output is 2.1A, which can meet the charging requirements of most mobile phones.
  • Compatible with more mobile phone presentations, it is easy to provide charging input - compatible with mobile phone charging under Apple and Android
  • Powerful, that is convenient and practical, plug or charging can be carried out at the same time - while the two or three plugs are used at the same time, the data cable can be directly inserted to charge the mobile phone.
  • One socket is fixed - three-pin plug, two-pin plug, USB plug
  • Built-in USB power module - USB socket compatibility is improved, overall safety performance of the socket is improved
Have a strong and stable chip to provide safe charging for your equipment

    Overvoltage protection
    Overload protection
    Overcurrent protection
    Short circuit protection
    Over temperature protection
    safety protection


    • Installation method: wall-mounted (concealed)
    • Appearance size: 86*90mm
    • Installation size: about 60mm
    • Color: champagne gold; white
    • Two or three plug rated voltage: AC 110V-220V
    • Two or three plugs rated current: 10A
    • USB output: DC: 5V is less than or equal to 2100mA
    • Scope of application: family, hotel, hotel, campus, storefront


    • 1 x Creative USB Interface Bracket