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Adjustable Knitting Loop Crochet Loop Knitting Accessories

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Knitting crochet loops are specially designed for lovers of knitting wool boxes. It can protect your fingers and make your knitting work faster. The crochet loop Cao Yong embossed craftsmanship, will not rust, durable and adjustable. The ring on this ring splays slightly so that Craving can easily slide into the ring. Simply turn the yarn guide ring over and you can wear it on your left or right hand.


  • Use relief, vintage silver-plated copper, and brass wine trays to make rings
  • Pure copper/Pure silver.
  • In many weaving magazines in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia are used.
  • Hand-made and equipped with environmentally friendly old-fashioned silver or copper.
  • The coil is slightly opened to facilitate the yarn sliding in and out.
  • No more blisters on fingers.
  • No longer burns the yarn.
  • Fix the yarn in place for faster knitting or crocheting.
  • Helps to maintain consistent yarn tension.

-This list is only for 1, single turns, braided loops or crochet loops, or stranded wire.

    Please pay attention to the precautions when ordering:

    1. Measure your index finger near your tip (just under the nail bed).
    2. Wrap 1 cm (1/4 inch) wide paper with your fingers. Ensure the size of the knuckles.
    3. Use a pen to mark the point where the ends meet on the paper.
    4. Placement-measure the length of the paper on the ruler and measure.
    5. US/Cdn 4.5 size ring suitable for most ordinary fingers.
    6. Knitting/crochet loops are adjustable.


    • Material: Pure Silver/Copper
    • Size: US/Cdn 4.5
    • Weight:0.015kg